Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, April 27, 2015

#34 April 27, 2015 Camila & Camille Baptism

Well this week was absolutely crazy! First off I will finish up last weeks email. So this fourth missionary talk is totally awesome and talks about the four kinds of missionaries. First is the one who goes out and does what he wants and is not obedient and goes home. The second goes out and is the same but sticks it out and just lies to everyone. The third is obedient and does what he is supposed to but his mind and his heart are at home and his will doesnt become the lords. The fourth missionary "consecrates" himself in everything on the mission. He accepts that the Lord will turn him into something way better than he could turn himself into. The talk is awesome and its super long but the point that he makes about the fourth missionary is awesome and can be applied to any member as well. It is simple, when we accept the Lords will everything will just become better and easier. Clearly we will have challenges but we accept and have faith that what Christ has in store for us in worth it all in the end!

But we have been working with this family of less actives the whole time we are here! Miriam and Antonio are the parents and the kids are Douglas, Dalton, and Dennis. They are all about 20 years old already and the first two are married and all got baptized about three years ago. Miriam has been a member her whole life but is coming back to the church now along with her family getting baptized. The kids all fell away from the church though after the baptisms and stopped coming. But they are the coolest family ever! They are all huge fishermen and totally tatted and the last people you would ever think would be baptized! But they are amazing and I love working with them! Anyways we had an awesome lesson about the temple and the sealing power Miriam and Douglas and his wife Camilla all decided to makes goals to now get to the temple and we are super happy! And now they are coming to church every week! Douglas and Camilla have two kids, Andre and Maria and its so awesome to have the family at church every week now! I know without a doubt that we cant do anything without the spirit and its in those high spiritual moments when you can help people feel the truth of this message! I love my mission! 

But anyways Guaratuba blew up this week! Willy, Helm, AND Blanchard are all leaving! And im staying. I dont know what happened but the Lord has got other things in store for us! It will be interesting! Helm is going to Blumenau, an all german city here, blanchard to são jose on the other side of floripa, and willy just became my zl haha! but im gonna miss them! This last transfer was the most spiritual, fun, happiest transfer i have had on my mission! it was such a blast! But we have to learn new things now. So i found out i am gonna get two companions and im gonna have to serve in a trio during this transfer! Im going to florianópolis tomorrow to get the other two elders and I dont know who they are so it will be interesting! All I know is that one just came out of training and one is getting here right now so this transfer i feel is gonna be a lot of prayer and guidance from the lord because i still dont know what I am doing haha. But I am excited for this transfer and i think its gonna be awesome! Im definitely gonna miss those guys but it will be good. 

Willy and helm left yesterday so i get to be comps with blanchard for a day and its so awesome! We hope we become comps because just in this day we are figuring out really how to do things right! And we have such an awesome spirit together! We have the same time on the mission and we feel like we have been on the same exact track! So who knows maybe in the future! 

But this week was great! Camila and Camille got baptized and it was awesome! (: I baptized Camila and Willy baptized Camille! They are gonna be such awesome members! (: 

The work now is gonna be sweet because now I have to take all the work from Blanchard and Helm as well so it will be interesting to see what happens! We are going to be working our tails off! 

But anyways I love and miss everyone back at home and I hope everything is going great! The gospel of Jesus Christ is true! And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONLY church that has the fulness of that gospel today on the earth! And through obedience to the commandments we can be happy! Always obey! I love and miss you all! 

Love, Elder Keller 

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