Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, May 4, 2015

#35 May 4, 2015 The Trio

Alright well this week has been a little crazy! So on tuesday Blanch and I went into Floripa and Blanch stayed there on the other said of the bridge in são jose! stinks that they are all gone but im liking the new guys! So in Floripa I picked up Elders N. Lopes (here everyone has the same last name so on the nametags they have to put numbers and other letters and stuff haha) and Elder Nascimento soon to be changed to sulivan. He just got on the mission!

Lopes has 5 months on the mission and is from Pará way up north in brasil! Nascimento is from the amazon! crazy huh? He is from manaus brasil. And he said its not all crazy indian people like we all imagine haha. But they are both really great guys and working in a trio has been interesting! I thought it would all be portugues from now on but they both really want to learn english so we have been starting up with that and its been pretty cool! Elder Lopes already speaks pretty well and just learned from video games and Elder Nascimento just studied spanish haha but he is getting there with the english! 

So now there are only three of us here in guaratuba so we have been working our tails up because we got the work of the other companionship that was here as well! And because of that work we had a baptism this week! It was awesome! Remember that girl Giane that had the dream that her mom came to here and told her the church was true? Monica is her cousin and got baptized this week. She is twelve but strangely smart for a 12 year old girl... but they are at church every week and are liking it a lot! 

The work here is awesome and the coolest thing ever happened last week! So this family of less actives that we are working with is doing awesome! There is Miriam, and Antonio. The parents! And then the kids are Douglas Dalton and Dennis. Douglas has two kids and his wife Camilla and they are all baptized and its been three years and now are super set on getting to the temple and getting sealed with their family and their parents! Miriam and Antonio just met with bishop and are ready working for it as well! This sunday the whole family came to church! I havent seen that ever happen while i have been here and the ward says its been a long time since they have all showed up. But it was awesome! they are these big rough, tatted up fishermen but it was sweet seeing them all there! Dennis even got up and bore his testimony and it was super cool! But I love seeing their progress and I cant wait to hear about them going through the temple! 

But the work here is awesome! The ward is great and is working really hard! I love guaratuba and leaving this place is going to stink when i have to. but im gonna make the best of it while I can! 

Also having Buck in Joinville is sweet! Ill see him this week I think! I talked to him on the phone last night because he is living with William who is our ZL now! Sounds like he is doing good! Cant believe I am gonna see someone from back home! Crazy! 

But I love and miss you guys all so darn much! I hope you have an awesome week and that all the moms have an awesome mothers day!!! 

Love, Elder Keller

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