Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, April 13, 2015

#32 April 13, 2015 Linda's Baptism

Linda's Baptism 

This is back in his last area of Pato Branco at Bishop Vivian's house

At first glance I thought this was just a tiny little rock, but then I noticed the teeny tiny person
standing out there on the rock in about the middle.  Look carefully. 

This week was especially awesome because we had interviews with president silva! And they are always totally sweet! before the interviews we do a study together of a talk or chapter in the scriptures that he has given us a month before and it is totally awesome! we are learning a ton with him! The talk we read was called Principles by Boyd K. Packer and it totally rocked! He talked about the better we serve on our mission the better we will become in eternity and in our lives as parents and leaders in the church! It's an awesome talk. It also talked a lot about how we really have to know the principles and the the doctrine of the gospel. The church is in danger when the members dont know the doctrine, especially the leaders in the church! And that is a really big problem here in Brasil. Where you have lots of leaders that make mistakes and they are really big ones. Im not saying its like crazy apostasy here but unfortunately at times it happens because they dont know the doctrine and principles as taught by Christ in the scriptures. The talk tells us that the most important time to learn about these things and really study is on our missions. And it is so true! Afterwards we have so many other things that we will have to worry about and you wont have 3 hours a day to easily study the scriptures! But it also talks about that when we do become leaders we still need to make time to truly personally study the scriptures. We cant just be comfortable with the excuse that we are serving in the church a lot or that we dont have time. We have got to study our scriptures every single day of our lives! Thats so important!

But also we learned a totally awesome principle from President Silva this week. A missionary asked the question, "why do we hear of the cases where a missionary disobeyed a rule and because of that he got a lot of baptisms, or a missionary who never was obedient and had a ton of baptisms on the mission?" Silva just burned the heck out of everyone! He just asked, "Was it that missionary that really baptized those people or was it God? Because if he thinks it was him than he is gonna have a really great time on the day of Judgment." It was a total burn! and it is so true! If we get a baptism it is because God let us be in the area when that person was baptized. And if we arent doing what we need to do on our missions than we will suffer for that! Or we will have to truly repent. We have got to give everything that we have on our mission and we can never make excuses for disobedience! The other night we got home late but we didnt really say anything about it... It was all four of us and we had just gottten done with a group lesson at a house where we had dinner. Then we got talking and we realized that that is huge! We cant ever treat breaking rules lightly! And then Elder Blanchard showed us an awesome talk called the fourth missionary. I havent read the whole thing, its huge but it is totally awesome. Basically it shows there are 4 kinds of missionaries and we have to be the fourth! And I was so ticked because I thought I would be in the fourth but then we all sat down together and read the characteristics of the types of missionaries and we all realized we are the third! I was ticked! But we all decided we need to buckle down and become that fourth missionary! So we are gonna study the talk this week so we can become that fourth missionary. I will probably talk about in next week!

But anyways everything went great with the baptism of Linda on saturday and it was awesome! (: Super happy for her! I sent pics to MOm and DAd. But i love and miss everyone and hope you guys are all doing great! Until next week!

 Elder Keller

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