Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, April 20, 2015

#33 April 20, 2015 Birthday Pictures

Elder Keller's 19th birthday

I LOVE this house!  


We told Ian to take the Elders out for a birthday meal.  This was not on his bday
 because they were too busy, but later in the week 

Elders Keller, William, Helm & Blanchard 

Looks like 1/3 is banana nutella

I'm pretty sure this is the view from their apartment 

Chimarrao- a traditional drink in southern Brazil made from the plant erva-mate.  When asked if they drink it sweetened one guy wrote, "Don't kill me dude.  We don't drink it like that.  That's only for little kids.  You gotta be strong and fierce to drink Chimarrao"  :) 

Opening birthday packages 

This week was awesome! I dont have a lot of time today but im gonna try to type fast. We went to Itapoá this week to do splits and it was awesome! We went with Sierras and Mendes. They have a Branch there and it is really sad because branches here really are super weak. They are thinking about closing it down! That is why it is so important that every member is a missionary and also knows the doctrine of the church! You cant just really on missionaries to do it all like a lot of the times it happens down here unfortunately.

But anyways Blanchard and Helm baptized giane this week, the girl that had the awesome dream of her mom in the temple! It was awesome! Camila and Camille are gonna be baptized and I'm super excited! Its gonna be awesome! Her husband hates the church but he is letting them get baptized. So maybe in the future his heart will be softened more! Camilla is 24 and camille is 8 years old and Camilla has such a strong testimony! She got pregnant at 15 but then totally turned her life around and is super awesome now and is even studying preach my gospel to be able to talk to her friends about the church at work hahah it is great!

The work here is amazing and we had a super cool lesson last night with a less active family! Im super mad cuz i ran out of time this week already but next week i will write about this fourth missionary talk as well as the experience that happened with this less active family!

The church is true and the spirit is the only way we can truly help people to be converted and truly touch their hearts! I love and miss you all! Hope everything is going great!
Love Elder Keller 

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