Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, June 1, 2015

#39 June 1, 2015 Gabrielle Baptism/ The ER Doc

This week was pretty great! Gabrielle got baptized so that was good (: We have also been striving to apply what President Silva has been teaching us about using the Book of Mormon and the Bible together so that they can each testify of one or the other because together they have the fulness of the gospel! It has been going great and there is a different spirit when we are straight with the people and dont try to beat around the bush about anything! But President told us we need to have a goal of finding two new investigators to teach every single day so we can just find the max amount of people possible and then we will pretty soon just find the elects who are ready to be baptized! This week we found 15 new people and we have marked to go back and teach them or we have already taught them again so that was great! But this way we can just always have a big teaching pool so we dont hold on to these people who are never fulfilling the invites that we give them. So this week has been going good!

So there was this family that we kept trying to get to teach because this brother in the ward gave them as references but they are out of our teaching radius so we have to be accompanied there by a member with a car. The member was Adelmo who is pretty awesome and was baptized four years ago and loves finding people for the missionaries! Just that sometimes he gets a little excited and we go to places where someone doesnt want anything to do with it haha but it is awesome doing visits with him! 

But anyways we go to this guys house yesterday, Adelmo calls us and says hey in two hours we are going to go over to this families house and try to catch them by surprise and we didnt have any solid appointments, just people who we would try to pass by so we decided to go with him. So we get there and this guy who looks like Bruce Willis and all tatted up answers the door and turns out we woke him up and he just looked totally ticked haha! and we were all just thinking, uh no Adelmo got a little too excited (he hasnt stopped talking about this family for 2 months) So the guy lets us in and he is an e.r. doc and he just got done working 36 hours and we woke him up.. So that was awesome! So we sit down with this guy and then we start trying to break the ice (Adelmo met this guy installing cabinets in his house so he isnt really "friends" with him) and turns out the guy is totally awesome! His wife gets home shortly after we got there and it turned into a totally awesome lesson/get to know you session! They are the first family that I have found who is really intelligent and doesnt give into the whole pay me money and i will bless you crud and they have been for years trying to find something to believe in that seems right but right now the wife believes in God and the husband believes in a greater being than us but not someone who loves us like a Heavenly Father. He says he has seen way too many terrible things working as a doctor (especially in brasil) to believe in that but he says he truly wants to feel something to make him believe! This couple is just like Bops and Grandma Keller I feel like! They were the coolest people ever! They are about 50 years old, three kids, wealthy, swear like sailors, smoke, drink coffee and  wouldnt stop talking and asking questions to clear up the things about the church no matter how many times we tried guiding the conversation in the direction of a lesson but that didnt work. They basically asked every question that is answered by the doctrine of the missionary lessons and we explained that all this would be answered in other visits and then after an hour we tried to leave and they wouldnt let us because they wanted to try to make us food and ask more questions and point is we found a totally awesome family and something that will be a totally new teaching experience through a member and we have to talk to everyone about the gospel and never judge them. This family thought we were some crazy closed cult that did a bunch of horrible things but we were able to clear that up with them last night. But I have no idea where it will go with this family but I pray that it goes well! 

The work here is great and so now we are just working on following up with all these news and if they want it great, if not we cut them and go to find those that do! 

But I love Brasil and I love my mission! Guaratuba is totally awesome and it got to sweater weather this week which was great! We are having great experiences our here! 

I love and miss everyone and I hope you guys have an awesome week! Talk with everyone about the Gospel! We cant deny the power of the atonement to them! That is why we have got to share it. Love you guys! 

Elder Keller

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