Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, May 25, 2015

#38 May 25, 2015 Book of Mormon

Awesome week!! We went into Joinville this week for a double zone conference with Joinville North and Joinville South. I saw Elder Buck! It was awesome! He is doing great and it was super weird to see someone from the hometown. We were talking about how crazy it is that everyone else is getting there calls and that school is ending back home. The mission is totally flying by!

But the conference was totally amazing and changed a lot about my attitude of the Book of Mormon.
So President about 2 to 3 months ago made a new rule on the mission, we don't receive any more copies of the book of mormon! And at first a lot of people thought it was crazy but our mission needed for a few reasons.
One the last president spent the majority of the missions money for this last year in 6 months so Silva came in with nothing... Haha so the first was to conserve money but it wasnt the most important reason.
President Silva talked about how we all just treat the book of mormon like it is nothing and chuck it around to everyone without explaining the importance of the Book when it is the MOST CORRECT AND MOST IMPORTANT BOOK IN THE WORLD THAT WE HAVE TODAY! We give these people this book and tell them to read it but they dont understand how truly important it is!

So Silva said that we will only get new books when our number of baptisms in the area is the same as the number of books we had when the rule hit. If we dont have the same than we have to go to the investigators that are not praying and are not keeping commitments and we take the book back from them! Haha it sounds a little crazy but it actually works and they start to see how important the book is!

But there are a lot of missionaries in the mission as well as a lot of members who are pathetic rebellious lazy people that don't believe in revelation from God and were trying to go against President and basically just causing a bunch of problems!

So President had this last conference to try to show people why the book of mormon is so important and we have to find the people that really are willing to accept it and follow its teachings! It was totally awesome. He talked about when he was on his mission he and his companion started doing this and in a month and a half they baptized 80 people! Haha thats ridiculous! Then of course someone brought up the fact that we are in the south of brasil and that its "hard to baptize" here and President brought up a really good point that ammon was one of the missionaries that baptized the most and taught some of the hardest people! As well as a ton of other missionaries in the book of mormon. He asked the question to us is God the same in the North as he is in the south or does he just change all of a sudden because of a different area? And it is so true! We have to have faith that God is gonna help us out!

But the conference was awesome and he also taught how we need to use the Book of Mormon in our first lessons with people. How are we supposed to convince someone its true if we arent using the book?

So We had to go in to Itapoa to interview one of their baptisms Fernando and that went really well, then we went on Splits after to try and apply it and I went with Elder Sierras and we basically just used the Book of Mormon for everything! The only time we used the bible was to show one scripture talking about the book of mormon and then going back to the book of mormon to show them how it says the same thing. But it was sweet! We had a super strong spirit with us and we could see the difference.

But things are going great here, it is basically just hot again haha so the quick cold was just messing with us. But Bops and Grams, I got your guys letter and money! thank you so much! I love the mission stories you guys share with us! But I love and miss everyone a ton and hope you guys have an awesome week! Read the Book of Mormon every day!

Elder Keller

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