Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, June 22, 2015

#42 June 22, 2015 Fourth Day, No Water...

Alright this week I learned about how thankful I am for running water! On friday morning our water got shut off and so it has been an interesting three days! Turns out the office hasnt payed a lot of our water bills and the last one that we had to pay the owner of our apartment building never gave to us so we could send it to the mission secretaries... So yeah it has been very exciting here! haha we learned how to take showers with buckets of water and a sponge this week which actually works out pretty well! We have been grabbing water from the church sink for these four days and its been working out pretty well but we are running low on bucket water and we are starting to stink so we are really hoping to get it turned on today! I guess we will see what happens (: We were thinking about going and filling up the baptismal font but then thought that wouldnt work out too well... haha totally kidding about the baptismal font, But yeah be thankful for running water it is great!

But anyways this week was super awesome! From these big waves of new people that we are finding we found two awesome guys! This first guy is Edson and he is probably 65 years old and is stuck in bed with a busted hip for a few weeks and we taught him about the restoration and we were thinking that nothing would come from it and we explained how important the book of mormon was to him and about how we use it to get answers to our prayers about the church and he wanted to read it so we left it there planning on coming back the next day and taking it back (the silva method which works great by the way and no one has refused us yet) but we went back and the guy had read 53 pages and said he believed in everything that it said! Turns out he is actually super smart and was already using the footnotes and comparing everything with the bible so that was super cool! We went back two days ago and he was on page 300 and something! haha sweet! Hey Higley Manor ward, this guy is beating you all in the Book of Mormon challenge! (; Anyways he has a date in July we just have to wait for him to get better and be able to walk again so that he can start coming to church! (: And he has a car which helps a ton too because its super rare to find investigators who have cars so they can get to church so I mean from everything we have seen the guy is pretty awesome! Pray so that he can get better (: 

Then we also felt like we should visit this contact we did like 3 months ago here (back with william) and so Elder Sulivan and I went there last week and invited him to church. He is about 22 years old and his name is Bruno and he came to stake conference this week and it was super cool! He loved it and at the end was asking for a book of mormon so we went by his house after and explained what the book of mormon was for and he is excited to ask if it is true! 

Adriana (less active member) and Lucas (non member) are coming every week to church now and doing great and just need to get married for lucas to get baptized which will probably get finished up in a month! (takes a really long time here) So that is totally awesome! 

Luciano and Ana Lucia we couldnt visit this week because we had to go into Joinvill twice this week so we lost two work days and we couldnt go over there with the member.. (another rule we can only visit people alone within 3 km of the church if they are out it has to be reference by member and then the member has to visit with us because there are so many less actives who have been baptized who afterwards realize they are not going to have a ride every week and so they stop going to church) But anyways they live outside of the radius which stinks so we have to go there with a member but we are gonna try going by this week! 

But this week we are probably going to find out what is wrong with Elder sulivans knee so we are going to have to keep returning to joinville doing exams and then seeing the reports but pray that he will be okay! 

But just one more catch up with the work, Douglas got the melchezidek priesthood this week and it was totally awesome! Now he is the first one in his family (miriam and antonios big family) to have the melchezidek priesthood! But i love that family so much! I seriously feel like I have the biggest connection with them and i pray that i dont have to leave guaratuba soon because they are all so awesome! When we got here none of them were going to church and now douglas has the priesthood to be able to bless his family! And I love the lessons with them! For sure they are the lessons where we feel the spirit the strongest! Because they want it so bad! They know they want an eternal family and their biggest goal is to get to the temple! So I am super happy for them (: 

Things are super great here! I love and miss everyone so much! And special shoutout happy fathers day dad! youre the best dad ever and im so thankful that heavenly father put me with you! Thank you for being the best example ever and for all that you have taught me! You are the best dad in the world! Have an awesome week! 

Love Elder Keller 

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