Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, May 11, 2015

#36 May 11, 2015

Well yesterday was super bitter sweet! The days to call home on your mission are the worst/best days out here! You get to talk to your awesome family who you miss like crazy but then you realize you miss them like crazy! Haha I balled like a little baby! I love my famliy so much! It just stinks to think that people reject the opportunity to have their own families be just like the family that i have! The gospel is true. It is the only way that we can create a family so united and strong as the families of members of the church. And the fact that we have a prophet to lead and guide us helps us so much!

Here in Southern Brazil people have gotten brainwashed into thinking that you can pay your way into heaven and that if you go to church once a week and pay your pastor and yell for a little bit than youre saved! It stinks because they don't want to accept the fact that maybe you have to do a little bit more than that. If only people could see that keeping the commandments helps us out and doesn't hurt us! When we do what the Lord wants our lives are 100 percent better and we are 100 percent happier!

But anyways things are going great here in Guaratuba! We visited Dalton the first time this week! ( He is the Miriams son who just decided to start coming back to church) He had been in some visits with miriam and we have talked to him a lot but the other day we got to go visit his family! We went over there because they wanted us to help them dedicate their house and it ended up being super awesome! We explained about house dedications and what they are for, how they are for us to be able to better protect our families from all the evils of the world. Then we did the prayer and then we talked to them about where they wanted their family to be 40 to 50 years from now. And they told us they wanted a strong family in the church and that seeing the change in their brother douglas's family is motivating them a lot! Daltons wife, Elisiane isnt baptized but we set up goals with them to pray every day, start reading the book of mormon, and go to church. And this week they all went! It was the first time in a long time that all the kids and wives and grandkids of that family have been to church, everyone together! It was so great to see!

But they have gotta get married first so that Elisiane can be baptized but it is awesome to see the great change that is taking place with this family (:

Its starting to get pretty cold here actually! Its awesome! We still walk around with short sleeves but at night and in the morning it gets pretty chilly! And humid cold is so different! But it is 10 times better working in the cold than in the heat! Its awesome!

We just found out that we are going to have a conference in June with a seventy! So I am really pumped for that! We dont know who is gonna come or what is gonna happen but im sure it will be pretty sweet!

But anyways Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there and especially to mine, the best one ever! I love and miss you all and hope you guys are all striving to magnify your calling and grow in the gospel every day! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Keller

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