Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week #16 Dec 15, 2014: Natal e Transferências

My trainer is leaving me  :(  last sunday with Elder Hess

With Bishop & Karina Vivian & their daughters

The greenish gray and white highrise is our apartment building

Our church building in Pato Branco

When you can't go to a gym you just have to bench 240 pound hairy brazilian missionaries at zone conferences haha but thats elder muniz! He is from são paulo and was baptized about a year ago and is totally awesome. He is in my district right now!

Christmas Conference in Lages
Well this week has been pretty sweet but sad at the same time! We got a call a couple days that said Elder Hess was leaving to Florianópolis! Crazy! I didn't even get 12 weeks with my trainer because they cut this transfer short...

But i learned a huge thing with Elder Hess and that is don't ever look at someone in the way they are right now but look at the potential they have. I was a total dumb punk because of it because I didn't think about how the both of us had something to learn. And now he got called to be a zone leader in Floripa for the last few months of his mission! Not gonna lie it was super rough starting out with him but now im super sad that he is leaving! At first i just thought to myself always how many things he could change to be a better missionary and now i look back and realize that we both changed a ton in these past two transfers! I think it is so cool that he gets to go be a ZL for the past few months and he's totally gonna rock it!

Something the mission has really been stressing is companionships. They really are the key! When you work together things start to work out. Really I thought that we were nothing alike but now I'm super sad that he is leaving! We really focused on our companionship this past transfer and it became super strong! Im super glad i learned that at the beginning of my mission so i can know how to make any companionship work no matter the differences!

My new comp is Elder Rhoton and he's a total goob and a fireball! I already love the guy! He got here this morning at 5:30 so we went and grabbed him from the bus station and hes on fire and ready to go! He served in the Salt lake City South for 8 months and has nine months here in brasil and is super white haha! He is awesome! He is from Cedar City Utah and is 20 years old. I am super pumped for this next transfer!

But anyways the week was sweet because we had our christmas conference in Lages and it was super fun! Everyone thinks our pres is super strict and uptight cuz the last one wasnt very strict and then for our conference we had like and hour of talks and instructions and then we played xbox ping pong and cards and stuff the whole day! and they brought a ton of food and it was super awesome! and the best part about it was president silva was doing everything and he is flipping awesome at ping pong hah! its crazy! you can find some super good brazilians here and he was killing everybody haha it was so sweet! But they brought in 2 xbox's and had everyone playing kinect which was pretty fun! I have to admit i got my butt whooped by president in ping pong a couple times haha dad and josh you might be able to beat me in 2 years!

But anyways the work here is going alright! I feel like elder Rhoton is ready to go and that were going to do a lot of great things here with the help of the ward. It might take a while because Hess and I started to just try and visit families and try to find the inactives and we are finding a lot of in actives with other family members and friends so hopefully we see some progress there!

But the mission is going great and really the trials here can't even compare to the trials in other peoples lives. Thats a big lesson I am learning and really gaining a testimony of is that there always will be someone with a harder trial than you so we can't just sit there and dwell on it. We always have to look forward having faith that Heavenly Father will help us.

I love you all and hope you have a good week! I miss everyone! Merry christmas!

Elder Keller

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