Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, December 29, 2014

#17 Dec 22, 2014 It's Raining, It's Pouring

Christmas Conference 2014

So I dont know why i havent talked about the rain yet here? It rains all the time and i love it! Sometimes its super random though and when it rains it pours! There was one day we were walking and a storm came out of no where and we were basically in the middle of nowhere and literally everything got soaked! Normally I have these legging things that mom got for me (which by the way thank you so much they save my life down here!) but we didnt think it would rain that day so i didnt bring them... Haha so my water proof shoes which usually are amazing were soaked because our pants, side bag, socks shirt everthing was soaked! But anything is better then the heat here so hey Im happy! It would actually be super fun here if you werent a missionary because you could go to the top of one of the huge hills and it would be just like the poop shute in washington (family you're the only ones that know what im talking about) because there is so much water! I love it! You eventually just give up with an umbrella because it gets super windy and then you really just can't do anything to save yourself! So im happy that christmas will be somewhat cold!

But things are going pretty good down here! We got to do splits with Elder Muniz and Elder William in Francisco beltrão this week and it was awesome! Elder Muniz is that guy from the picture last week and he is twenty three but still just a little kid inside! He is smiling and just super excited all the time and sometimes likes to joke a little too much on the street but i guess you can live with that! Francisco seems like theyre in the same state as us, they have a lot of people they can teach but no one wants to go to church or keep commitments! We have been cutting a lot of people lately for this reason but I have faith that we are going to start finding people! We have a few really promising one right now and now we just gotta get them to church! 

But anyways christmas eve and christmas day will be interesting! President said we can stay out till 1 in the morning with members on christmas eve so it should be a party with these guys! That is one thing, Brasilians know how to party! We cant leave our apartment on christmas because everyones drunk and pres said we have to stay inside so it will be a great day of studying and sleeping! 

But I love and miss everyone! I hope you guys have a super awesome christmas and dont forget what christmas is really about! Jesus Christ did everything for us and really makes the plan of salvation possible and lets our families be eternal. 

But anyways Feliz Natal everybody! 

Elder Keller

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