Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, December 29, 2014

#18 Dec 29 2014 Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Christmas 2014 at Bishop Vivian's house

Christmas in Pato Branco 2014

So not gonna lie, Christmas in Brasil was interesting haha. But it was actually pretty fun! Our president let us stay out till one in the morning on christmas eve because here they wait until midnight, christmas morning to open their presents! haha crazy! so we partied with the bishop until then and watched Maleficent with them, (pres said we could watch movies if the members were, not breaking rules!) and had a big churrascaria that night! it was sweet! the bishop and his wife got me a sweet tie! They're some of the nicest people in the world. So then on christmas day we went back to bishops house to skype our fam's and that was the best/worst christmas present i've gotten. Best because i got to talk to the best family in the world, worst because I have to be away from you guys for two christmas's and it stinks!

One of the biggest things I am learning out here is the importance of families. And of course I didn't start learning that until I got here because I was an idiot before my mission haha. Really our families are the most important things for us! They're our best friends and theyre the people we will spend the rest of eternity with.

Things really got thrown into prospective for me yesterday... So there is a sister in our ward who is the only active member in her family. She and her husband are RM's and just total studs and she is about to have her first kid. Theyre an awesome family! So in her family all her siblings are baptised but shes the only one active. We met her 17 year old brother last sunday and he is really cool but just wasnt going to church so we wanted to start visiting him and getting him to play soccer at the church on wednesdays. So we got to church yesterday and the Bishop announced that he had passed away on saturday... He was swimming in a lake near the city and ended up drowning.. Just totally out of the blue. His sister and her husband weren't at church and the bishop announced where the viewing of the body was and where the funeral would be. So first we went to the members house and we talked to Werles the husband who is super awesome and he was just totally shocked. It was so sad! Eliane (the sister) wouldn't leave the house because she was just devastated.

I'm running out of time but my point is, is that we never know when our time is or when Heavenly Father thinks its time for us to come home. I didnt think like that before my mission. And now I'm stuck here in brazil for two years and theres nothing i can do to go back and change the way i acted! But really we have to take advantage of our families here! They are the most important people in the world to us. Im so grateful for the plan of salvation and that i can be sealed for eternity with my family! Im so grateful the Jesus Christ suffered for my sins and died for me so that i can be with my family after this life. Family, I love you!!!

But sorry for the kind of downer this week... Next week will be better! But after having that happen and after talking to my family this week I felt like thats what i need to write about this week! Families are the most important and thats why they are a central part of God's plan of happiness.

Anyways I love and miss everyone and hope you guys had a sweet christmas and that you guys have a great new year! Crazy its 2015? times flying! Good luck in this new year everyone!

Elder Keller

Got the sweetest pj's in the world and best christmas presents ever from the best family ever(: Son of a nutcracker (;

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