Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week #14 Dec 1, 2014 A Week of Elder Costa & Tons of the Spirit

Elder Keller's zone with the President & Sister Silva (back left)

Scenery on the bus ride to Itajai

Ian's Christmas packages arrived! Yeah!

This was by far one of the most spiritually powerful weeks of my life! Holy cow it was just sweet! So to start out we had p day and tuesday in pato branco and that was it so nothing really happened with investigators or anything but everything is on track with Gabriel so thats great. Our less actives that we are teaching came to stake conference this week which was sweet and Candida is doing better.

But anyways the reason this week was so awesome is because we were practically with our president the whole time and also we got a day with elder Costa of the seventy and man are those guys just ridiculously powerful!

So anyways we left wednesday morning for our 15 hour bus ride to Itajaí for a zone conference with elder costa and it was so awesome! But the mission rented us this totally nice bus and so we met in Chapecó with our zone and then went and picked up the zone Ipomeia so we had like 40 to 45 elders on this bus ride and it was so much fun! A super nice bus filled with two zones of missionaries is awesome! We spent half the time just singing hymns, christmas music, disney music, or whatever we could think of and when you got 40 elders and sisters singing its loud! The drivers were either really ticked off or will hopefully join the church haha. But it was way awesome!

But we got there and started with Elder Costa at like 9 o clock and we all got to start off by shaking his hand and talking to him for a couple seconds. Super cool! There were only about eighty missionaries so it was awesome! When i shook his hand he asked where i was from and told him gilbert arizona and he then reminded me that he presided over the ground breaking of the gilbert temple which i went to hahaha how crazy is that??? He said he loves the US and arizona so i went up to talk to him after the meeting and he got all excited about my living by the temple so he got out his iphone and wanted to show me his name on the internet site for the gilbert temple. So i helped him break into the wi fi in the church building (haha yep helped a seventy break into the churchs wifi! haha who knew that would ever happen on your mission? ) and he showed me all these pictures. But the guy is absolutely amazing. We were probably listening to him for about 5 to 6 hours and i couldnt keep my eyes off of him! He taught with such a powerful spirit and in a way that just made you respect him and want to be the best person that you could possibly ever be. He shared amazing stores about his time as a mission pres and when he got baptized at age 27. He read the intro of the book of mormon and the joseph smith story, prayed for 14 hours, knew it was true, ran to the sisters home and waited till they got back and told them he wanted to be baptized that day! haha so they ended up going to the pres and he said he could be baptized the next day. But i mean this guy is so powerful! I was so glad that i could understand everything and it was a huge blessing because i learned so much! I just wish i had more time so that i could share everything he talked about. But i asked him a question after the conference when i went up to talk to him and i asked how he was so in tune with the spirit and he didnt give any big grand answer or anything he just said, as we truly dedicate our lives to jesus christ, and that means accept anything that he asks us to do, and as we really strive in our prayers to seek guidance and grow closer to him, we will begin to recognize that still small voice. And when i was just one on one with him, the spirit just hit me like a brick. It was amazing. I knew without a doubt in my mind he was called by God! But hes such a great teacher! it was cool because it wasnt a talk that he gave it was jsut a classroom setting thing with 80 missionaries. and the guys is hilarious!

But im running out of time and i wanted to talk about President Silva. Dang that guy is amazing! And sister Silva as well! We stayed in chapeco on friday and on saturday President and Sister came to do interviews and to have a meeting with us and to speak in every session of stake conference in chapeco on saturday and sunday. And dang they are so awesome! President silva has mastered the scriptures completely and is such an awesome teacher. And sister silva is just a power house and is super cool! But president shared an awesome video of brad wilcox talking about the atonement and it was absolutely awesome! it was totally what i needed and he is totally inspired by the spirit. I wish i could right more but i have no more time!

I love and miss everyone! Bye

Elder Keller
Met my grandpa and brother! G pa coelho is a brazilian legend in this mission! He was made AP at like 7 months out and is just super awesome!

Found a long lost Keller! Well technically he's a brazilian but his mom is american and her last name is Keller haha crazy! Theyre from the east part of the U.S. Who knows, maybe we`re related?

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