Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week #7 October 6, 2014 1st Area: Pato Blanco

Well dang this past week has been crazy!!!!! Im and hungry all the time and its great! So we landed in florianopolis and it was pouring! haha how awesome! then the mish pres came and picked us up with the ap´s and then went to the mission office. President silva is amazing! the guy is just so awesome and i wish i could be by him! about that my comp is Elder Hess, yeah a white guy hahaha and we got sent to the second farthest area away from florianopolis! haha so that was interesting... usually its a 16 hour bus ride but ours was a straighter shot so we made it in 12! the next farthest area is fransisco beltrão and thats just an hour away. im in pato branco which means white duck haha and its a gorgeous place! i love it! but anyways about the comp and mission president, the president is probably like 5 7 and is just a super powerful guy! he has a lot of rules but that just means well receive a lot more blessings. he doesnt speak any english to us which stinks but i could understand him for the most part.

My companion Elder Hess is an interesting guy! haha hes been out here for a year and four months and his portuguese is really good! hes pretty quiet but he talks to most of the people on the street and he can communicate with the people here which i cant do to save my life! holy cow haha its so hard! i can pick up random words but i dont understand whats going on haha but the members here are awesome! the people here love messing around so at my first lunch at a members house (they feed us the best food every day!) the member asked if i wanted more but i said i was full and so he asked if the food was "porcaria" and me being the dumb white guy that i am responded yes hahaha turns out it means terrible... haha the whole family just started cracking up! but they really are the nicest people ever here! theyre super happy and awesome! but i dont know if theyre is anything more humbling than being a missionary who cant speak the language. it stinks so badly! i can say what i need to say but i just dont know what is going on! but i trust that will come.

So our apartment when we arrived here was trashed! like literally worse than the apartment we cleaned for save the family haha so we had to spend our whole first day which was thursday trying to clean the thing! the other elders were emergency transferred and just had to leave everything. but we got it pretty clean and im excited to be here for the next 12 weeks for training! so we arrived and there is tons of work to do! im not sure what the other elders were doing but there are no investigators and almost everyone that has been baptized in the past few months is inactive now. so weve just been trying to talk to everyone about the church and get as many lessons set up as we can. we have a lot this week but weve only had two so far because of conference weekend, which by the way was in all portugues! haha yeah the language that one guy was speaking! i understood about as much as you guys probably hahaha but something awesome about elder hess is he knows how to invite the spirit into a home. its awesome and i hope i can learn how to do that like him!

the bishop here is a great guy! he loves the members but things are really different down here. we went to an inactive members house and the bishop told us we were just introducing ourselves but halfway through elder hess just kind of took over and started teaching and it was awesome! the spirit was so strong! we got the lady to come to conference with us and she loved it! the bishop told us not to teach her because the last two sets of elders havent been able to get anywhere with her. but elder hess is good with the spirit and it was really all because of him. i said like two things haha but i really wish i could write more but im already out of time because we have to email the president as well and my comp doesnt want to pay for more time... so ill try to get more out next week! i really could have written for another hour because so much has happened! but my computer is gonna be shut off in a couple minutes. anyways missions are amazing! there is a different spirit here that i have never before felt so much in my life! i love it so much! its super hard work and we literally are dead all the time but i know were supposed to be here because we were called to preach the gospel in pato branco and help these people. anyways love and miss you all bye!

Elder Keller

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