Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week #10 October 27, 2014

Well this week was actually pretty awesome! We are finding a lot of people to teach and finding a lot of new investigators. We have only found a few that are pretty serious but its nice to be teaching more.

Anyways we were super bummed last p day because all of our commitments fell that day but we just said who cares lets go find someone! Elder Hess was reading some conference talks and totally had a huge change of attitude which was awesome and i finally saw a fire get lit inside of him. So we just started walking and we prayed to be led by the spirit and went to a neighborhood that no elders have hit that is pretty far away. No one would let us in and we were about to turn back and go home but this awesome couple let us in to teach them and they are literally perfect! We can only go on wednesdays cuz of work but the wife was talking about how she thinks a church should be run and she was describing the gospel! haha so that was awesome to find them! 

But anyways everyone and their mother here is a catholic! Its ridiculous and they dont want to hear about any church that they actually have to keep commandments to be a part of haha. But things are getting a lot better and we have three baptisms marked now! We're super stoked about that! Two of them are Danielson and Catia who still have to get married but they are awesome! Danielson is super smart and studies the heck out of the book of mormon! sometimes its hard to answer all his questions haha but they are loving the church and what it teaches! Were probably gonna have to move their date to later in november to give them more time to get married but well see how it goes! The other is Candida who is the daughter of a recent convert and were trying to help her stop smoking right now. 

But anyways i only have seven minutes left so im gonna have to hurry! 

Kind of sad story... We had a referral to this guy and so we went there and found him living in literally a hole in the wall! It was smaller than my room back home and an absolute mess. There was beer everywhere and i was just thinking that there was no way this guy was ready for the gospel. he was sober when we got there and he was explaining that he needed help cuz he was really sick. hes 71 years old, divorced, and living in a hole in the wall of a building. so we gave him a blessing and he just broke down crying and it was so sad! so we just hugged the guy cuz we didnt know what else to do but i felt like an idiot because the guy just needed to know that he had a heavenly father who loved him! so we're going to start working with him and helping him out. hes a really good guy and wants to turn things around. But that is why we have to serve missions! Cuz there are people out there who need to know about the gospel because their lives are miserable! They need to know Christ suffered for their sins and that they can be happy. And we can't be selfish and keep it to ourselves. 

Anyways on a lighter note we were in Fransico Beltrão at a district meeting and we were going to lunch and walk past this group of girls and they are laughing and talking and I'm talking to Elder Manoel and our DL elder william just busts up laughing after we pass these chicks and we turn and ask him what happened and he said that the girls said we have nice butts... hahaha so hey if any rm's want to get married just come down to brazil with some church pants! Haha jk but i miss everyone! I'm out of time! 

Elder Keller

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