Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week #8 October 13, 2014

Dang its been a long week! I wish i could write everything that happened. To start off we have just been trying to find people to teach this past week and its been hard! im starting to realize this mission has a different standard than other missions in brazil. they told us we were going to be baptizing all the time in the mtc and now i get out here and the goal is only one a month per elder which i think is totally weak! president silva is trying to change this though and i think he will be able to it just takes time! the elders from this last mission president make it seem like things were very different. everyone here is either a catholic or evangelical and its so frustrating. sometimes i just want to shove the knowledge i have about the church into their heads! haha but we have been able to find a lot of great people willing to listen! especially this one family who is just awesome and we taught the dad about the priesthood and he was asking us at the end how he can get it haha so that is going really well. also we helped bring a less active back to church and she is a rock star! she brought one of her friends with her to church too cuz she liked our message so much! we are reteaching her the lessons because she didnt go to church for very long but she is loving them now and were teaching her daughter as well. but anyways she and her friend are just two super sweet old ladies and they are loving what the gospel is teaching and its totally awesome!! hopefully we can make a lot of progress with her friend this week. but anyways the language is coming a lot better. i can understand for the most part now and i can actually talk in lessons which is super nice! ive learned that the gift of tongues may not help you learn the language in a day but it definitely speeds up the learning processs.

but anyways an awesome experience that happened last thursday. we were studying in our apartment in the morning and camilla, an awesome returned missionary here who litterally tells everyone about the gospel, calls us and says "elders come outside your apartment right now!" then hung up. so we just threw all our stuff on and ran outside and she then explained how she had found a lady at the hospital (she works there) who had  found out both of her kidneys were no longer working. she was in the hospital trying to get on a waiting list for a kidney surgery but the wait was super long for someone who matched up with her. so she said to herself " i need a miracle now" and camilla overheard her and went up and asked if she had faith is jesus christ and the power that he had when was on the earth and she said of course, and so she explained that there were two people down the street who had the priesthood and could heal her or at least keep her alive long enough to receive a kidney transplant. so the lady said she had faith this could happen and that is why camilla was at our apartment. the hospital is right down the street so she told us to prepare ourselves and she ran to get the lady, so we got a chair and put it in the middle of the lobby of our apartment complex and closed all the blind and doors and camilla brought her there and we explained who we were and a little about the priesthood and then we gave her a blessing, right there in the apartment complex! it was awesome! i annointed her and then my comp gave her the blessing and blessed her that either her kidneys would be healed or that she would live long enough to receive a transplant. after that we asked her if we could come by and teach her and her family more about the priesthood and our church and she said of course so we are teaching her family on tuesday. but afterwards she was walking back with camilla to the hospital and asked her how much she owed us haha so camilla had to clear that bit up. but anyways we dont know how she is doing! i cant wait to find out! 

but its so cool to be able to have experiences like that here. its hard work but i know its blessing me and helping me become a better person. im again out of time but i miss everyone! sorry if i dont reply to anyones emails, i dont have any time to out here at least for now until i can pay for extra time. but thank you for all the emails! i appreciate them all. Later! 

Elder Keller

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