Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Friday, September 19, 2014

Week #4 September 19, 2014

So there wasn't anything too exciting this week. Just same old 10 hours a day studying in a class room with a few breaks here and there! The biggest part of the week was that hayden went out to the field. Or i guess Elder Phillips! haha whoops, but it totally stunk! It's weird because up until now it hasnt really felt like a mission because one of my best friends has been here with me the whole time! And its not like provo at all because theres only about 300 to 350 missionaries here at a time so I was with him a lot! But after he left it kind of started to hit me that im out here away from home and family for two years! Up until now its just felt kind of like a vacation (one that you have to work on, a lot!) but still not like i was gone for two years! But i know this is where i need to be because the CTM really helps you see all the problems you have and helps you to realize all the weaknesses that you actually have! It's ridiculous how much i need to change out here because im not even close to the kind of person i need to be for the Lord and it stinks to realized that but i know in order to be a successful missionary i have to humble myself.
I learn so much every day about this gospel and about how to become a better person! And a big part of that just comes from talking to the people here. They are so awesome! I love having Brazilians in our room because they are just the coolest, most humble people in the world. Right now we have one elder from são paulo and another from cape verde. I love those guys to death and theyve only been here for a week and a half. I know a big part of me coming here was to simply learn from these people. We had a devotional the other night and a brazilian lady was speaking to us and she told us really how brazilians dont think theyre the best at anything (except soccer haha) but ive been realizing how true that is. I mean these kids here are all the same age as us yet theyre so different because they dont have to be humbled out here like me. I look up to them so much for that. Like i was talking to the guy from cape verde the other day and he was showing me pictures from back home and he really didnt have anything but his family but he was so thankful for that! It makes me feel like such a stuck up snob whenever I complain about anything because heres this 18 year old kid from cape verde with no suit, a couple pairs of slacks, and a few white shirts and hes one of the happiest nicest guys ive ever met! These people (including the africans, and especially them) are amazing and i hope i can return home somewhat like them. Im jealous of Grammie and Papa because the elder from Mozambique is especially awesome! Hes in the room right next to us and hes already become really good friends with our district.
But anyways sorry i dont have too much to say about this week! I know I will have a lot more in the field. But family, I love and miss you all so much and I hope all is going well. Have a good week!
Elder Keller

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