Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Friday, September 5, 2014

Week #2 September 5, 2014

Dear Fam and everyone!
Love and miss you all! all is well here and time seems to be flying by even faster now which is really nice! sorry if my letters dont make a lot of sense. we all are starting to notice how bad our english is already becoming haha when you're around a different language the whole time you start to forget so quickly! but anyways i wanna start out telling about one of my instructors! Irmao barros. he is the coolest guy in the world! im so blessed to have him as an instructor. he is from sao paulo and was actually pretty deep into a gang when his bishop came to him when he was 19 and told him that he needed to serve a mission. anyways long story short he felt the spirit and got worthy and went on a mission and is now an instructor in the mtc! the dude is probably the coolest instructor here and knows how to teach so well. he is smart too. hes moving to utah with his wife in two years to go to byu or utah state. we are learning so many things both with the language as well as the gospel from this guy. hes a great teacher. our mission president here is president swensen. the guy is so powerful! when he speaks he speaks with a purpose and makes sure that his point is made perfectly clear. we get to hear from him on sundays and he teaches super awesome lessons!

my district is getting pretty tight and i love all the guys there a ton! elder heaton and i are the only ones going to florianopolis though they are all staying hrere in sao paulo. theres an elder in our district named elder kendall and he's probably the only thing still keeping us sane. he is the funniest kid ive ever met! he cant speak a lick of portuguese but the brazilians love him becasue he has red hair and is super hilarious! kinda reminds me of heebs haha (elder tenney) the language is actually coming really well! im starting to get pretty comfortable with speaking to brazilians in the halls and at meals and stuff. im so glad i took spanish in high school!

we got to go to the sao paulo temple today and it was amazing! its a gorgeous temple. so cool to see all these different areas and temples. but sao paulo is so huge! i have some pictures that i will send later but the city is massive! its not anything like the US but it is still relatively nice. but another kid from queen creek got here this week! its nice to see another friendly face. he went to ben franklin with me way back in the day. his name is dj arnsen. but anyways not a ton happened this week, just continuing to work hard and trying to learn the language. keep the updates up with football and the huskies and family life! i love and miss you all so much!
Elder Keller
p.s. mom im gonna try to send a b day letter if i have time today to get to the post office. we were super late coming back from the temple but i just may have to mission ties it and then send it later! but im not forgetting about it!
p.p.s. tell grammie and papa thanks for the letter and that i love them!

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