Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Friday, September 12, 2014

Week #3 September 12, 2014

well fam another week has passed and i still love and miss you like crazy! Time is thankfully flying here and im happy about that! So we have had two portuguese speakers in our room and they left this week and i was actually kind of sad about that. they were super awesome! one was from portugal and the other from up north. the one from portugal spoke some english which was kinda cool. but theyre whole district was awesome! their district shared rooms with ours and it was cool getting to know them over the past two weeks. if my companions out in the field are anything like those guys were than i will be more than happy and it will be a huge blessing! they were studs! one funny thing is that half of them were engaged haha here i guess thats what they do before their missions! kinda weird...

but anyways tell boppa and grandma thank you for the letter! tell her i cant wait for her next one about quitting smoking!
 we had an awesome guy come and speak to us this week for devotional! hes the mish pres of the sao paulo interlagos mission. hes from utah and just a huge white dude. i grabbed a headset because they translate during the meetings because the whole thing is in portugues but it ended up not working but the cool thing was that i understood the whole thing! it was way awesome! granted it probably helped that he wasnt a native and it was all about church stuff but im glad the language is coming!
we got to go out and give away copies of the book of mormon this week! it was way cool! we went all the way to the center of sao paulo and elder heaton and i were the first to give all of ours away! it was honestly the scariest thing in the world at first but we just started asking every single person we saw if they wanted one and wanted to read about it and we thought about the fact that were never going to be able to see these people again so it really doest matter what they think of us! bad part about it was that it is so hard to understand them when they are talking fast! its crazy hard! i feel like you can only get so far in the mtc until you have to actually go out there and just completely immerse yourself in it (not the slow portuguese they speak in the mtc) ive gotten pretty comfortable here but going out there makes you realize exactly how much you dont actually know. but i know it will come and i cant wait to be in the field!
i have a cool little story about a testimony meeting we had this week. elder thomas is from tennesse and he said all around him were these churches that just hated mormons and one even had a sign up all the time that said "dont read the book of mormon because thats how they get ya" and after he shared that he said that he loved it because its so true! i thought that was funny because it is! you feel a power from the spirit when you read the book of mormon! its amazing! and one of the biggest things that i dont like about the mtc is that you dont have any time to study the scriptures because youre learning the language the whole time! i wish i would have taken advantage of the time i had before i left.
but anyways this part is for grammie and grandpa! this is crazy but i had heard a guy from mozambique was in a room next to us so i went to talk to him and asked him if he knew any packards a few years back and he totally remembered you! he remembered you and said you were the mission president a few years back! he said he doesnt think youll remember him but his name is elder damiao his first is faizal i think. and hes from nampula i think he said? maybe im wrong but i though that was way cool! anyways dad the pics of the huskies are so sick! keep them coming and especially the updates on the games. the one of shaq running that 66 yard touchdown was so sweet!
i love and miss everyone and hope all is going well! sorry i cant write more!
Elder Keller

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