Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, March 23, 2015

#30 March 23, 2015

Alright so this week was an awesome week here in Guaratuba! It was a sweet finding week for William and I because we have been feeling like we have just been visiting the same people over and over again and we aren't getting anywhere with anyone else. We got to a point by Saturday where we just felt like chickens with our heads cut off because we weren't finding any new people to teach and our pool was super small. So we prayed a lot that morning that we would be able to go out and find the people who are actually ready to accept the gospel in their lives right now and we went out that day with faith that it would work out. And it was sweet! We were just finding random people all either with a connection already to the Church or people who had just gone through something in their lives and they said that their church wasn't helping them find any peace and they were looking for something else. It was such a miracle! We did about thirty contacts in a few hours before our appointments that day and almost every single one was awesome and with someone who really had interest in the church and learning something new! I'm sure that only a few of those will really play out but it was an awesome day that showed us the importance of never doing anything without praying first.
Our investigators are awesome! Adriana is on date to get baptized this saturday and stopped smoking and drinking coffee last week and says she is ready! (: so im super pumped for that! Camilla is gonna get married april 24 and then get baptized on april 25 and is super excited! And originally the church was gonna pay for half of the marriage but the husband really doesnt like the church so he got all mad and said he'd pay for the whole thing which worked out great for the ward in the end (: And then we have also got Linda on date for April 11 still! So things are going awesome!
We have this awesome family here in the ward who has a son on a mission, an 11 year old daughter baptized in the church, but the parents arent baptized! We cant figure out why because they are such an awesome family and invite us over for dinner and lunch all the time and we have only been able to share little quick messages until now. On saturday night we went over there and literally had one of the coolest lessons ever with Blanchard (the new guy in the apartment from my group) Helm and William! We talked about the restoration and then at the end we all bore our testimonies and it was one of the most spiritual lessons we have had out here. Everyone was crying and it was super cool! We talked about testimonies and how they can gain their own testimonies just like their son did before he decided to serve his mission. We had to take off out of there right after the lesson because it was super late but William and I are going back this week! But I love the power of the Spirit and the effect that it can have on people! It is the only way to work! No matter what I have always got to remember that Elder Keller is an idiot and will only be successfull  with the power of the Holy Ghost influencing these people! That is why we have gotta obey all the rules too! With exactness!
But anyways thank you for everything all of you are doing for me back at home! I love all the emails and the updates on life and I hope it continues to go great! I love and miss you all!!
√Člder Keller

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