Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, March 16, 2015

#29 March 16, 2015

Well sorry I havent gotten anything out in the past 3 weeks! I know I stink and I am sorry but I'll be better from now on! So the past three weeks have been a roller coaster but its awesome now! We had an awesome conference with the presidente and got to watch Meet the Mórmons which was a super awesome movie! The president talked a lot about obedience which seems to be a really importante subject in this mission unfortunately... But it was way cool and I learned a lot about the importance of obedience from Pres and it all line up with exactly what my parents have always taught me! One thing that they always tell me his that our mission is like a mini-life. If we can't obey the little things in our mission how are we supposed to do that in life after the mission? And if we can't endure to the end on our mission how will we endure to the end after?
But also we got to go to Itapoá this week and go on a Split with Elders Sierras and Mendes and it was way awesome! Then we did a pretty cool activity there with the branch to try to get them fired up for missionary work and it went super well! While we were there I went to lunch with Mendes and an american that married a brazilian and has a lot of money and comes and stays for a couple months here. Holy cow his house was gorgeous and right on the beach and there family is super cool! he is in his late sixties and retired at 57 and is a total genius! He was an accountant but did medical school for 5 years and decided to switch haha the house is the nicest and biggest house i have ever seen in brasil! It was also super cool to just talk to someone in english and leave a message in english haha it is way easier!!! But I'm glad I've got portugues too now (: I didnt ask but the guy as he was showing me around his house told me it cost 800 thousand dollars (and this was 15 years ago) so the house is crazy! He also has like 3 houses in the U.S. So I got his email so I can go find him in utah afterwards and he can teach me how to be an accountant haha (; 

But anyways we are getting Elder Blanchard in the apartment and I'm super psyched!!! Blanchard is an american from utah and is in my group so we have the same time on the mish! Its gonna be a party/work house here in Guaratuba and I'm super hyped! 

But with investigators, Linda is gonna be baptized april tenth, Adrianna on march 28, and Camilla just has to get married next month and then she and her daughter will get a date (: Pablo turned out to be a dud. Bishop found him going to the "Assembleia de Deus" also which is another huge church here so he is just going around to the churches to get money and help because he doesnt have a lot of money! It was super sad when the bishop told us but it makes sense. Plus he moved 12 kilometros away and we got a new rule that we can only work within a 3 kilometer radius from the church because we need to focus our work and poeple dont have cars here. So if we get a ride from a member we can go but things arent looking to up and he didnt come to church last sunday... Stinks and its super sad but people have their free agency still! 
We are also working with a 17 year old kid Vinicius and he is super awesome and has a ton of faith but just can't accept that there is only one true church but he is a good kid and William and I have faith that we will be able to help him out! A lot of his extended family passed away last year and his life is just hitting those low points so we are trying to help him out! 

But anyways I love and miss everyone! Hope you guys have an awesome week! Email time was cut and it stinks but its all good and it will make us better! The gospel is true! Live it! 

Élder Keller 

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