Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#26 Feb 23, 2015 Going Great in Guaratuba!


Alright so this week was totally awesome with the work here! I feel like Elder William and I are finding too many people that we don't know what to do with them! We have three couples that have to get married for now so that is the biggest thing but it is all going awesome! 

The first is a guy named Pablo and his wife is a member but he never was baptized cuz he smokes! They aren't married but are getting married next month so that he can get baptized and baptize his daughter which will be super awesome! They just moved here from Curitiba this week and he is super excited to be baptized because his 11 year old son was just baptized and he said that that made a big difference and was a huge example to him! Cool lesson to learn that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still make a difference. 

The next couple is an interesting situation, the wife Camilla loves the church and wants to be baptized along with her 8 year old daughter but the husband is totally against the church so he wouldn't get married until now, but then this week he just decided that finally it would be okay and so know they are getting all the papers ready! (: awesome! so they are gonna get married next month as well and then Camilla and her daughter Camille (yeah kinda close haha) can be baptized! 

The third couple also is a less active returned missionary who started coming back to church and not gonna lie is a little crazy... haha but he is with a chick that isn't baptized and believes the church is true. They aren't married yet because his divorce papers didn't work that he put in back in 2000 so he has been married for 14 years without knowing and so he just re did them so he can marry his "wife" Linda and then she can be baptized!
We are also working a ton here with the youth because they were all baptized like 8 months ago and are on fire! The members here are so amazing i cant believe it! They had us give talks this Sunday and they said the main focus needs to be on missionary work and getting all the people to go out and find people! its awesome! 

We are still working with João and Daniel as well as Gabriel and I'm hoping Gabriel's mom lets him get baptized! 

So Elder William and I had been praying to find someone that really needs the gospel in their lives and this awesome lady just showed up to church on Sunday and we went and visited her after church! super smart single lady with a kid named Adrianna who studied chemical engineering in the USA and speaks fluent English and is looking for a church that can help her and her son because she feels like she needs more religion in her life! it was super awesome to find her! Total blessing! I'll keep you guys updated on how everything goes with her and her son (: 

So yeah I cant remember everyone with whom we are working right now but Guaratuba is totally awesome and the gospel is totally true! This week I started reading the conference talks again from this last conference and whenever you read the words of the apostles and prophets the holy ghost testifies to you super powerfully! I love that we have a prophet and apostles to guide us.
But anyway time is running out! I love and miss you all so dang much! Especially all you lucky dawgs in California right now McCreadies and Kellers! Party hard! Até mais! 

Elder Keller

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