Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Monday, February 2, 2015

#23 Feb 2, 2015 Goodbye Pato Branco--Hello Guaratuba!!

Elder William, Ian's new companion is the 2nd from the right in this picture.
 He has been Ian's DL since he arrived in the mission and he is Brazilian.   

So on thursday got the call and I am getting transferred to Guaratuba, Parana tomorrow! And my comp is gonna be elder william my DL!!! I am so hyped! We get to whitewash again and I feel like this companionship is going to be totally awesome! Elder William and I have been in zona Chapecó for 3 transfers together and hes been my DL the whole time so he's coming to Pato Branco tomorrow and then were taking a 10 to 12 hour bus ride to our area which is a big beach city in the Joinville zone! I cant wait to get out there! Rumor has it that we will be living with 4 other elders which would make it one of the biggest apartments in the mission but I honestly have no idea so I guess we will see. I just cant belive im in parana still? i guess we have like 4 or 5 areas that go into parana and i think that guaratuba is the city farthest north from Florianópolis. But i have heard that the church is crazy strong in joinville. They have 2 stakes in one city!!! thats huge!

But im super grateful for the time I had to grow out here in Pato Branco. I feel like my convesion in  the Gospel of Jesus Christ has changed and gotten a  lot better! I cant remember that one talk off the top of my head but the one that talks about being active in the church, as opposed to being active in the gospel. I was not active in the Gospel before my mission. I hate to say it but I was a patheticly lame member! I know that every missionary is called of God and our Heavenly Father knows where we need to go and knows the experiences that we need to gain. I feel like a had a lot of awesome experiences here to help me grow and change to become better. And for that reason I am so grateful for missions! And it scares me to death to think of what i would be like right now without my mission. Haha

But I never thought I would really miss Pato Branco but on Sunday I totally realized how much I love these people here! They are all super awesome and I hope that maybe I can see them again in this life but if not, in the next one. The work here is going pretty well and our coolest investigators are Fabiana and Allison still. They are such studs! So I think i mentioned how they have to get married because theyve been living together for a while and want to get baptised but last night we had an awesome family night with them and a bunch of members and we started talking about missions and Fabi said she would love to go and then Allison said he would to so our awesome crazy member friend Camilla was just straight up, yeah never mind your guys arent gonna get married but your gonna split up and then both go on missions and then come back and get married. It was hillarious! But I think that would be the coolest thing ever for them! They are still super young and have a ton of time. 

We also found a super cool guy named Jair in a market the other day and he said he had seen us pass his store on the main road here in the city and always wanted to know about our church. So we told him what we believe and gave him a Book of Mormon  and went to church yesterday with his wife! I think he is totally prepared and I think Elder Rhoton will do awesome with him! 

Well I love and miss everyone and hope you guys have an awesome week! Até mais!  

Elder Keller

Gonna miss this kid! He is gonna be a stud missionary in 2 years! First convert on the mission! 

20 foot (6.2 meter) long snake we found in a guys house here! he killed it in the state here in brasil called Matto Grosso which literally translates to thick jungle! Pretty sweet! 

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