Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Elder Keller & Elder Phillips in Sao Paulo

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Love you!

I love and miss you guys tons! but holy cow brazil is so stinkin awesome! we landed this morning at 8 and it was like 60 degrees out! i cant send pics for a while cuz i dont have wifi but ill try to get them to you asap. we havent been taught anything yet just getting settled in and such. but everyone here is so amazing! i saw hayden! it was so awesome and made me way happy! hes a stud now and can totally understand the language! everyone here is speaking portuguese and it makes absolutely no sense haha i talked to one guy and kind of could carry on the conversation but not very well... but anyways the flight was awesome because we all had seats to ourselves so we just passed out on the rows and it felt great! when i got to brazil i had the strongest confirmation that there isnt anywhere else in the world that i need to be right now. it feels so right that it is crazy! it stinks because we dont get that much time to email and from now on we just are going to be going constantly. my companion is elder heaton and hes a nice guy. i was a little bummed because at the airport i met an awesome guy named elder thomas and hes a stud! he played football in tennesee so we clicked right away! hes actually exactly like skyler haha so its kinda funny to have him around. everyone i came over with on the plane is in my district and theyre all pretty cool guys. we have like 5 from utah! haha and like 6 of the guys are all going to the sao paulo west mission. my comp is going to florianopolis too. hes kinda quiet but hes a good guy and the lord knows hes who i need to be with! thank you guys so much for the letters picture and dad the husky shirt is so flipping awesome! im gonna wear that with pride as they dominate for two years! but its weird cut it still hasnt hit me that ill be gone for two years! this first day is already taking forever but i love it here! the food is awesome and im excited to start learning everything! the people seem nice and everything is going great! mom thank you so much for everything youve done these past few months! youre the best and ive got everything i need here. i love you guys so much and thanks for raising me the way you have.
love Elder Keller

Last family photo for 2 years! Taking Ian to the Phoenix airport.

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